"Loved it! The system seems to give me something physical that seems to activate energy and also relax the mind without having to verbally analyze 'why' and 'how'. Eileen is a very clear teacher. " Mary.

"A revelation. I hope to do this practice every day." Patrick.

"I found it inspiring, grounding, very relaxing. I have learnt a tool to live life on a better level" Alan.

"Difficult to write down every detail of this course. Not knowing anything about it except that it was mostly exercise..... as I thought. It has had a profound effect on me, feeling renewed and more knowledgeable." Dan.

"The two day workshop was truly amazing!!! The atmosphere, energy and Eileen were so uplifting. I thought I knew about Qi before but really didn't have a complete understanding of it until practicing Qigong as a group." Nora.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly. Having touched on some aspects of Qigong already, I didn't have the confidence to practice alone but now I do" James.

"Very relaxing experience. Very centering - brilliant timing for me. Eileen is an example an embodiment of what she teaches. Ger"