Description of Qigong Workshops

 Qigong workshops with Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray illustrating Chinese Essence Qigong. Workshops in Cork, Ireland
In the two-day workshop, participants will learn a complete Qigong form, two Remedy Routines for cleansing and healing, and a restful lying down qigong mediation.

Given techniques to quiet and calm the mind, one is better able to deal with the challenges of our present life situations. The two Remedy Routines offered are Liver Cleansing, which clears diseased qi from the body through the Liver channel, and the Tonification Stance for building qi.

Participants will enjoy a qigong nap with a laying down qigong meditation that benefits health. With over 30 million practicing world-wide, it is a powerful medical qigong system which can be modified for people with physical challenges and for those living with chronic illness. (However, this Qigong form is contraindicated for those diagnosed with psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or borderline personality.)