Cancer Healing

Advanced Teacher Training . Susan O Toole, Eileen Murray, Ann Shaw  with Professor Chen  Hui-Xian  San Franscisco 2008

 Does Qi Gong have a positive healing effect on cancer?

Qi Gong is now entering an exploratory stage in the treatment of cancer. It is a science that can help you explore the mystery of the human body and biological information.

Experiences from the past few years have demonstrated that for some, through the cooperation between qigong masters and patients who have been persistant with their Qigong exercises, improvement was shown. The success of Qigong practice depends on regular practice and on your persevence. People should be very prudent and study under an experienced teacher. During the recovery from any serious illness, and in coordination with medicinal treatment, patients can practice Qigong for good health and long life.

San Francisco Sept 09. Advanced Teacher Training . Eileen Murray with Professor Hui - Xian Chen, her original teacher
Professor Huixian Chen was a featured speaker at the Cancer as a Turning point - From Surviving to Thriving Conference in Sacramento, California (September 11th 2004 ). Details are available on

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