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Eileen Murray of Qi Gong, Cork, Ireland.  A Nurse & Biodynamic psychotherapist who has been teaching Qi Gong to people of all ages and physical abilities.
Eileen Murray, Nurse and Biodynamic psychotherapist, has been teaching Qi Gong to people of all ages and physical abilities for the past 15 years.

Eileen qualified as a psychiatric nurse in Cork in 1986. Having subsequently worked as a health care professional in Australia, Sweden and the UK, she became keenly interested in the Mind/Body link to Holistic health and well-being, and the causes of Dis-ease.

While living in Sydney she became interested in the specialized massage techniques, established over fifty years ago, by Norwegian Clinical psychologist Gerda Boyesen. She subsequently trained to become a Biodynamic massage therapist / bodywork therapist and psychotherapist under the tutelage of Gerda Boyesen and Mary Molloy, (now Principle of the Gerda Boyesen International Institute). with the Biodynamic Institute in London and Killala. She is available to see clients for Biodynamic Massage/ Bodywork.

Eileen was first introduced to Qigong and to the concept of Chi / Qi in Chinese medicine when living in Sweden in the early 1990's. She subsequently trained with Professor Huixian Chen (Lineage Holder - China and U.S ) in West Cork and California and also with Susan O Toole, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Schull, West Cork.
Eileen is a qualified teacher of Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong and Chinese Essence Qigong, both are medical qigong forms. She holds regular Qigong workshops in Cork.
Private tutition available.

Eileen believes, and teaches through her workshops, that when we build a connection with our body and bring it more into accordance with the way nature intended, then we will resonate with life on a much larger scale.